Friday, June 25, 2010

More Books - for 2nd grade

The last of school books for 2nd grade have been ordered and most came today. I love getting new books. Only 2 books yet to arrive are, the Usborne World History Encyclopedia and the Usborne Science Encyclopedia. Today we got Story of the World Volume 2, activity guide along with the test and answer book. The test book was on a great sale, $9.32 on We also got Horrible Geography, Wicked Weather and The Stunning Science of Everything, You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator, and a map of Route 66.

He loves the Horrible Science, History, Geography books. I wish our library system carried them. I am thinking of buying the entire set but they are expensive, it would blow my excellent budget for this school year out of the water. Together they would cost more than everything I have spent on curriculum. I may get the science ones at least, he likes them best.

The Route 66 map we will incorporate with geography and map skills. He will be helping to plan our cross country trip we are taking next year.

We both enjoyed the Story of the World last year and I look forward to the next volume. I do have a tip for the activity guide, take it to kinkos and have it rebound onto a spiral. It makes it much easier to copy the activity sheets, if you are keeping the guides. The test guide is not something I would purchase at this age, but with the great price I felt it would make good practice and I can keep it to reuse in later years.

Of course, no back to school order would be complete without INK! It seems like we go through ink like water. Now that I have ink it is time to start printing my lesson planner for next year. I use for my lesson planner, I like being able to print only what we need.

I can't believe we start school back full time next month. We have been doing a few things such as botany, math and a map workbook. Maybe working 3 days a week and I haven't done lessons or anything we have just been working through the books. It is time for Mom to get busy and start making lesson plans.

Don't you just love seeing boxes of books show up at your door.

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