Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly review - 16 Student became the teacher

I can't believe we are near the end of our first semester this year. We will be finished the last week on November and then we will do some light things through December and start back in January. Last year we did not do anything through December and when it was time to start back in January, it not go well we both had a rough time getting back into the swing of things.

I am planning on Christmas themed activities for December and we will continue to work on math and reading.

This week we did a lot of "playing" he tried to teach me how to play chess. As I have mentioned before he has learned to play chess with the No Stress Chess game. This week he decided I needed to learn how to play. Let me just say, I don't like chess and I have no desire to learn how to play chess but since he wanted to show me how I had no option but to play. When my husband and I were first married he tried to teach me how to play and we decided that me learning how to play chess was not in the best interest of our marriage. This shows how much I don't get chess.

It was amazingly easy and if someone (not me) would like to learn how to play chess this is a great way. With the board having the placement of the pieces printed for you and the cards telling you who to move and how, it made for an easy way to learn chess. While I still have no desire to learn chess, it was a good time.

This week we also played scrabble both working on spelling and counting the points.

One other thing he did this week was, he earned a new game for his leapster, cosmic math. I have has this game for a while and was holding it back because it is math for grades 1 through 4 and I was worried it would be too difficult and frustrating for him. Boy, was I wrong, he loves the game he has played it non stop, the first level is simple addition and he was so excited to get enough points to get to do subtraction. I offered to help with any problems he did not know the answer to and he said no he wanted to do it all by himself. He has memorized more math facts playing that game than in two weeks of worksheets.

As a quick review of the leapster and games, I love them. He has had the leapster since he was 2 and still plays with it, I think we have every game there is out there. I like the learning aspect of the games, it is perfect for car trips and doctor appointments.

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  1. I may need to look into something like leapster for my son. He is so hating math. Maybe a video game (we have none) would make it bearable for him.

    I'm not much of a chess player either. Everyone in our family can beat me in about 4 moves. We have chess club with the homeschoolers so they have an outlet that doesn't have to include poor chess-challenged mom.