Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Review - 15

This week we got back into the swing of things. We went back to working in our Singapore Math book finished with the review and I have decided to order an extra practice book. The next section is adding 3 or more numbers together to begin learning multiplication. I feel he is not ready for that yet and we need more practice with adding/subtracting and basic facts. He is completely enjoying working in the Singapore math word problems book, he loves them. He brought me the book one day last week and asked if we could do some word problems. I seriously have to wonder if he is my kiddo or not!

We are sailing right through the First Language lessons, it is so repetitive we are both tired of it but we keep moving on. I am positive you could wake him out of a dead sleep and ask, "what is a noun?" and he could tell you verbatim the definition according to the book.

We read three more chapters in our Story of the World history book and of course did as much map work as I could find. He loves his maps worksheets.

He is enjoying moving onto copy work and in order to get more handwriting out of him I am letting him copy work from his lego catalogs or lego comics. He thinks its great and doesn't mind practicing as much.

While working on some coloring sheets he told me, "coloring is like watching paint dry, it is so boring". Funny funny boy.

Besides school this week, he studied and practiced for his next belt in TaeKwonDo, he did great.

He and Dad deconstructed a cooling fan for a laptop computer that has met an untimely end. He was a big help in replacing the speakers in the truck, he learned all about removing a door panel, how speakers work, how it important to have the right tools so you finish faster and with less headaches, how the door locks work etc. It was a fun time with Dad and a little learning too.

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