Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Singapore Math Practice Books 1A and 1B

This week we started working from the Singapore Math Practice books. We have been working with the Singapore Workbook 1B and we came to point in the textbook where you begin to add 3 or more numbers together. I feel he does not have a completely solid understanding of basic math facts and want to have more of them memorized before we move on. In order to help, I ordered the extra practice books from The books are 9.99 and are part of Amazon's buy 4 pay for 3 promotion. I ordered the 2 practice books plus a book for Christmas and the book Bible Heroes and Bad Guys for less than 25.00 with free shipping.

So far, I like the extra practice books, they have perforated pages so you can tear out the number of pages you want to use for the day. We are working through book 1A, we have finished Unit 1 and he enjoyed the sheets, there was adding, matching, coloring and writing involved. Between the extra practice and his new Cosmic Math game on Leapster he is getting a lot of extra math practice.

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