Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekly Update - Week 13

This was a busy week, Daddy was travelling, TaeKwonDo classes, the dog knocking over and breaking my laptop and of course, school.

We did quite a lot of school work this week. I found several Reader Rabbit workbooks I had bought last year in some, I found a great deal on school stuff buying binge:) I am not the only one who has those, right?

Little Bit wanted to do them and so we did quite a bit in the workbooks this week. I am just letting him write in the books and do what ever pages he wants to. They are a great reinforcing tool for our lessons. He thinks they are fun and not school work so it works out great.

We also started Galloping the globe this week. He is interested in map work and the activities in the book work well with our history lessons.

We studied the continents this week, getting ready for Columbus day. He was supposed to go canoeing next week for a Columbus day celebration but it was cancelled. We will still finish our small unit study of Columbus on Monday.

We continue our daily work on math facts and he continuing to sail through Singapore Math 1B. He is getting faster on the worksheets so I feel like I am seeing improvement in his memorization of basic math facts.

We started a new book this week National Treasure the Book of Secrets. It is a book for ages 9 to 12 and is difficult enough for him he needs a little help with some of the words but interesting enough with a mystery and treasure hunt that it is interesting. It will be a fun read together book.

We have not started Kinderbach yet, see the above comment about the dog knocking over the laptop and the screen no longer working.

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  1. The book, 'National Treasure the Book of Secrets' looks interesting ( just googled it) and have added it to my wish list ( for my almost 12 yr old son). I think he would love it.
    Sorry to hear about your laptop!