Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Review - The Flu

This has been a long week. Dad got the flu last week and I came down with it on Sunday night. Little Bit was given Tamiflu as soon as Dad got sick hoping he would not get it, with his heart condition this flu could be dangerous for him. So far it has worked, he has had the sniffles and a cough all week but it has not gotten any worse.

We are behind very little school was done last week although Dad did try for a couple of days. I am behind on school, housework and everything else. This upcoming week will be catch up week for all of us. I was hoping to be done with this semester of school by Thanksgiving but we will be going into December now.

Little Bit and Dad did a little handwriting and he did work with him on his math. He also finished a 100 piece Spiderman puzzle this week. He also got a good bit further in the Wii Star Wars Lego game and had a great time building all kinds of lego creations, I am sure there is a learning application in there somewhere:)

I look forward to getting back to our schedule and getting caught up this week.

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