Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekly Review - Week 10

This has been a busy and tiring week. My insomnia is in full force this week and I have decided insomnia makes homeschooling difficult. Little Bit is trying to get used to sparring class and as expected it is making him extra tired and when he gets overtired he does not sleep well. We are a tired bunch this week.

We did manage to get a week of school in. We made great progress in First Language Lessons and he went through a multitude of math this week.

You can see on the math sheet if he is not sure of the answer he makes small dots or lines next to the problem to count. It is a creative way to find the answer to his problem, that he came up with.

While reading from the Story of the World one day this week, he drew this map. It shows the Tigris, Euphrates with Mesopotamia between them.

For handwriting one day, we wrote MeMaw a letter to send her along with some photos of her great grandson.

Ignoring the water bottle in the foreground, this is how this week felt. We are both tired. Hopefully next week we will feel a bit better.


  1. Awww ... I hope you guys get rested over the weekend! Yes, insomnia does make homeschooling more difficult! :)

  2. Insomnia is terrible! It seems like you all still achieved though during the week. I hope you catch up on rest this weekend.

  3. Your son is doing great. I didn't know if you know or not, but they have really great workbooks for math at Walmart and Target. We liked Walmarts better. They were not only great, but very colorful, and cheap too.We found them back by the leap frog products, not with the reg books. We have also foound them with office supplies. Leena