Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 3 R's

Today was all about the 3 R's. This is not what I had planned on my lesson plans today but he was in a reading mood and who am I to stop someone on a reading binge.

He wanted to read before school and I said sure, well he keep bringing out more books to read. He would go pick one out of his bookcase, climb on the couch and read. He picked a few new ones, mostly oldie but goodies for him. It is nice to see that Clifford the big red dog is still funny. He read for 1.5 hours.

That was a good deal of reading even for him. So I skipped history and language today since he had read so much already. We drove straight into handwriting where we wrote a birthday note for Uncle Paul and wrote his poem from yesterday.

Then it was onto Singapore math where he did 7 worksheets. He was having fun with math today. We then had a 6 week review of spelling in our spelling workbook, which he got all 20 answers correct and was able to get an item out of the treasure chest, he picked a mini lego racer.

There will be plenty of time tomorrow for history and language but today he had a great time just reading and reading and reading.

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  1. Good for him for finding such enjoyment in something so important!