Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Update

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I am so behind on weekly reviews. We are starting week 11 this week, we are half way through our first semester. Things are going well, the workbox system is working great for us. It makes lesson plans so much faster for me, I do the weeks plans over the weekend and then file each days lessons in a file folder.  All I have to do each night is refill the workboxes, it is great a huge time saver for me during the week. Kiddo likes the workboxes he gets up in the morning has breakfast and then goes to pick a box to start working on.  It gives him a choice as to which box he starts with and encourages independent study. 


Handwriting and times tables are our hard subjects at this time.  He just has not memorized his times tables yet. I am working on plans to make that a priority next week and get it done.  I bought a new handwriting book for us to start and see if I can improve his handwriting some.  He just hates handwriting with a passion, he would rather give you the answers verbally.  He can write neatly I have seen it on occasion. I am hoping the new book helps some and mostly I am just trying to be patience knowing it will come eventually.  If not, thank goodness for computer and typingSmile 


He has been reading non stop the past few weeks, weekly trips to the library plus he is reading Harry Potter book 5 and listening to The Red Pyramid at bedtime. He has a love of reading which I am so happy about. He is discovering a interest in biographies and I hope to encourage that. Murderous Math and Horrible Histories are on his Christmas wish list.


We will finish science before the new year, I have no clue what to do after that.  We have one Apologia elementary science curriculum left to do.  He loves them and just flies through them.  We have Apologia’s General Science and Physical Science (older versions) he is reading on his own but there is no way he can do the math in those books.  I will have to start researching other science programs for us to try. 


He is liking gymnastics and loving piano lessons.  He has asked to go the the symphony. I hope to find a good deal on tickets this fall. 


Not a lot to update we are plugging along.


Have a great week!

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