Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly Review–Week 11

weekly review graphic 2
We have a had a good but rather short week.  Kiddo broke out in a rash on Tuesday and after trip to the doctor we found out he has atypical chicken pox.  It was a surprise since he has had the vaccine.  He has felt just slightly under the weather so school has been light this week.

It has given me a chance to start looking for a new science for January.  He is almost finished with Swimming creatures of the Fifth Day by Apologia.  He loves the Apologia books he reads and absorbs everything.

The two I am thinking about this week are using the Disney Imagineering DVDs along with extra books from the library etc. to have a topic a week type of science class.  The down side is the DVDs are expensive. Our local library does not carry them.
Disney Imagineering DVD

The other one I have been looking at is a program by NOEO Science. It is a all in one program with the books, experiment materials etc together.  They have three levels for biology, chemistry and physics. 
NOEO Science

I am also thinking of trying to piece one together using the Apologia General Science book I have here, with extra reading and experiments but without the math.  He may be ready for the science but not the math involved.

That about sums up our week.

Have a good weekend!

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