Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Review Week 3 & 4



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It has been a busy two weeks here with school, piano lessons, gymnastics starting and insomnia.

The workbox system is working wonderfully, I am so happy about that. He has not griped about the work much and likes only having one or two things per drawer to do before moving on.  Breaking into small amounts makes it seem so much easier. 

The trouble we have been having with spelling is getting a little better. We are doing sequential spelling and I have switched to a dry ease board instead of the student book.  If he can spell the word correct orally he does not have to write it down and if not he writes it out until he gets it correct.  


Last week we worked on an Olympic lapbook and other fun Olympic activities.  We played Olympic bingo during the opening ceremonies to find certain flags, graphics, words, etc. that was fun.



We made an Olympic torch from tissue paper and foil.  We are keeping a medal count for a few countries he picked during the games.



We separated M&Ms and made a cake with the Olympic circles. 



We have been watching as many events as we can find time to.


Finally an open spot in the boys gymnastic class opened so he started gymnastics this week. I still have no idea why he wanted to go back to gymnastics instead of TKD but he loved it. 

I got in my last order (I think) of curriculum, I love getting a box of goodies.  I was happy to find so many good buys in the bargain section of  I was able to get a few damaged books for a good discount.  The books that were discounted were barely bent or dented.  I was able to save $40.00 on books I needed to purchase. I also purchased Apologia edition 1 of General and Physical Science books(they are on clearance for $9.99).  While we are not ready for them I thought they would make good reference and reading books for Kiddo who loves all things science.  He and DH have already found an experiment they want to try.


Have a great weekend!

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