Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 1 of 3rd Grade


weekly review graphic 2

We made it through our first week of 3rd grade, I was not sure we were going to make it.   How an 8 year old can have such an attitude, makes me wonder about the teenage years. 

Other than attitude issues, the week went fine.  He is liking the workboxes and is having fun coming up with a pattern of which box to do when.  I let him pick any box he wants to do but he must finish one box before moving on to the next box.


Our Workboxes


We finished all of our work for each day, which is great. He is not complaining about handwriting so far, a miracle.  His nemesis spelling is still a headache for everyone involved. He has such a mental block about spelling, he likes to be perfect the first time and if he does not know exactly how to spell a word he will worry himself into a state trying to figure it out.  This year instead of writing in the Sequential Spelling book, we are using a dry ease board so he can build on the words and I think that is helping a little. Since we are using basically the same books just the next year for almost every subject it has been easy to get back into the work.


I have been to Staples twice this week so far. I have bought binders, copy paper, mini notebooks, some Martha Stewart accessories for my lesson planner, glue, notebooks, etc.  I love back to school supplies sales. They are supposed to get a truck in tomorrow and I hope they get in the dry erase markers and mini storage containers that are on sale this week. They have been sold out at two different Staples all week.


I have am loving the Staples Better Binders. They are a poly material with a rubber type edge. They have a clear cover and a one button push to open. The colors are great and you can buy matching dividers index tabs. I traded in some old binders for the $2.00 discount per binder and used the Staples $5.00 off $30.00 coupon that is available this week. It made the Better Binders a great deal this week.


Staples haul from 2nd trip


We have had our first field trip this year a petting zoo of instruments with the Nashville Symphony.  I have a separate post about that coming up. It was so much fun.


He is enjoying piano lessons. I am surprised by the amount of homework he has with the lessons, I am working them into my daily lesson plans to make sure they gets done.



Have a great weekend.

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