Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Review



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We have had a light but good week this week.  It has been semi spring break of sorts, nice weather, the school supplies all over the house due to furniture arranging and a leaky washing machine so it was a perfect time for a light week.  

Lots of math this week, he is trying hard to finish Teaching Textbooks 3 finished since 4 came in. He will finish this week and we will move right on to TT4.  We also got a new math curriculum this week from Art of Problem Solving.  It is from their new elementary curriculum called Beast Academy.  It looks very interesting and I think will be great for Kiddo. There will be 4 books per year A, B, C, D, we ordered 3A and 3B, 3C and 3D will be out later this year.   You can see samples on their Facebook page. 



The guide book is in comic book form and Kiddo enjoys reading it, the day the book came he read the first two chapters. We started the practice exercises and they are hard. We have almost completed TT3 and are in Singapore 3A and this book makes you really think and is covering things he has not seen yet.   The first exercises were about angles and triangles, there were mazes, questions, find the type triangle in the picture type questions. It gave me a headache but all the talk about angles, shapes etc. is way to close to geometry for me and that will send me running in fear from a roomSmileIn full disclosure I had to look up a definition and check the back of the book for an answer or two to make sure I was helping him correctly.  I will be learning too.

I think these books will be a great supplement math program for us, I plan on keeping TT and I am not sure yet if I will continue with Singapore I will decide that when we get further into the books.  They are reasonably priced $15.00 and $12.00 per guide and practice book. The guide book is in full color on quality paper. The practice book has perforated pages, which is great. I do hope they will be made available through CBD or other sites in order to save on shipping cost.



We have been spending some one on one time working on his handwriting, it is not improving and it is frustrating us both. I keep waiting for it just to click with him like everything else does but so far not happening.  There will be more writing involved with some of his books next year and he needs to improve his handwriting.  He can do it he just doesn’t and gets frustrated easy.  I am hoping helping him directly letter per letter and spending some time serious time on it there will be an improvement. 



We started all of our seedlings this week and they are beginning to sprout he checks first thing every morning to see what has popped up and how much others have grown. 


Our first seeds to sprout lettuce.

I got in a big box of curriculum for I will have at least one more order closer to July. I can’t believe we are ready to start on new books, it seems like this school year has flown by.



Have a great weekend!


  1. What is

  2. Hi Stephanie is Christian Book they have a huge homeschool section and carry most of the major pulishers. It is where I get the majority of my homeschoool supplies from.