Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekly Review

weekly review graphic 2


We had a productive week this week. We played outside a lot with the nice weather we have had.  We went to the co-op and bought seeds to plant and a few strawberry plants for an experiment. We will but strawberry plants for planting in a few weeks when they are a little big bigger. As you can see these are baby plants.



We are going to plant the plants in cute pots(I still need to buy) then we are going to preform a cause and effect experiment with watering, fertilizing and hydroponic planting. He wants to also play music and say nice things to one plant and play loud music and say mean things to another plant. Smile


The spring park and recreation department schedule came out and we have tons of activities planned for March, April and May. Our weekends will be busy. We are trying to get Kiddo back into a regular weekly activity other than bowling and having no luck at all. We have given him several options and told him to pick one and he does not want to do any of them. I think we will have to pick and force the issue. He refuses to go back to TKD. I hope it is just a phase.


He has started running his 25.2 miles for the Kids marathon in April.  The kids run 25.2 miles on their own and the last mile at the marathon.  He is running a mile or so at a time and coming home saying it is brutal, Mom just brutal, LOL.


I am using a dry ease board to put all of his assignments for the day on. He loves it, I let him basically pick the order we do them in and he has the best time getting to erase each assignment as it is completed. Also Dad will sometimes leave a note or funny picture on the board before he goes to work for Kiddo to see.  In the picture below you can see where we have two  things left to do, and the copy work is always last, he still hates writing.



I ordered some curriculum this week, ouch my wallet and yeah I love getting new books. I also took advantage of the Scholastic Dollar Days pdf download sale.  I am now looking at binding machines, I am thinking about a spiral one vs. comb.


I ordered our Latin program, Latina Christiana I the complete program with dvds.  I thought seeing another teacher going over things would be good for him.  I order Teaching Textbooks 4 and I am planning on trying the new Beast Academy math for elementary students from Art of Problem Solving that comes out this month.  It looks like curriculum Kiddo would love. You can see samples on their Facebook page. I also ordered Map Skills 5, Have Fun with the Presidents: Activities, Projects, and Fascinating Facts, Draw Write Now, Book 5: The United States, From Sea To Sea, Moving Forward, and Apologia’s Zoology 2 for science. It is 30% at this week. 

I will have another order closer to July when we finish Easy Grammar, Sequential Spelling, etc.

I think that is about it for this week.Running, gardening , school and ordering curriculum.

Have a great weekend!

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