Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Review–I am not even sure what week this is

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I have been gone from the blog for weeks, I am sorry. We had been so busy getting ready for vacation, then vacation and then we all got sick again!  It has been a long busy few weeks. 
First we had a great time Walt Disney World, it was a great vacation and I am in no hurry to go back any time soon, it was exhausting.  We are more of sit on the beach vacation people so this was a big difference for us.  Kiddo had a blast and said he would like to go back. His favorite rides were Tower of Terror, Star Tours and Test Track. We visited every country in Epcot. Harry Potter World at Island of Adventure Universal was amazing just like the movie. 
Met Mickey and took an animation class at Hollywood Studios Park
Safari at Animal Kingdom
Great time visiting all the countries at Epcot and finishing his passport in a day.
Magic Kingdom was great even though there was a ton of construction and closures while we were there.

When we got back from our vacation and I do think we needed a vacation from our vacationSmile  We all were sick again.  Kiddo’s allergies were in full force, DH had a double ear infection and I had bronchitis.  It was a tiring week trying to get back into the swing of things. Very little school work got done that week.  Finally last week we got back to school and did a lot of work trying to catch up.
Kiddo asked if we could do a subject a day, which we do from time and time and that was a great idea.  I was able to concentrate on one subject at a time and we were able to make serious progress and are close to where we should be this time of year.  I don’t see any trouble with us getting all caught up and ready to take a spring time break to enjoy the weather in a few weeks.
As I was doing lesson plans for the rest of the month I noticed we are almost finished with several curriculums. Ahh!!! You know what that means curriculum shopping time.  I sat down to go over what subjects we will want to do next school year (remember we are year round) and it was way too easy and that worried me a bit, LOL.  I am used to spending hours going over curriculums, reading reviews, discussing different styles and etc. and I had very little need to do that this year and it just seems odd.
We are using basically the same ones we used this year. The only real difference is history, while we will move on to Story of the World 4 at the beginning of 2013, we are going to spend the rest of this year on early American History and government. With the election, I feel it is the perfect time to go from the Revolution through the beginnings of The United States. I can not find one good American History curriculum I like so I will be piecing it together myself and we will be using a lot of extra reading materials.
Otherwise here is a rough list of what I will be purchasing in the next few weeks.
Teaching Textbooks 4
Singapore 3A, 3B
A Reason of Handwriting Cursive C
Easy Grammar 4
Daily Grams 4
Wordly Wise 5
Sequential Spelling 2
First Form Latin Kit
Telling God’s Story 2
Big Book of Bible Skills
Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day: Exploring Creation with Zoology 2
Scientific Method Dvd and study guide
HISTORY( the list I am working on so far)
Story of the World 4
Driving Through History Dvds
Draw and Write through History
American Facts and Games
Expedition Earth
Map Skills 5

Now that things are back to normal I will be posting more. We are starting on our spring garden journal, planning seed starting, and growing flower bulbs in water. We are getting ready to move the school room from the office to the dinning room. 
Have a great week!


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