Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Review Spring Fever

weekly review graphic 2
We have been enjoying the few days of spring like weather we are having. There has been lots of outdoor playing and garden planning this week.  We did have another week of a subject a day, we will be returning to a regular schedule next week.  

Kiddo is thrilled we finally got a new school computer.  We have gone through 2 old computers this year that have broke or died on us.  I was able to get a 17” Dell laptop for a great price from the Dell outlet.  We have purchased several computers from the outlet and have never had a bit of trouble from them and it is a great way to get a discounted computer. They often put out coupons for the outlet and that helps a lot. 

I let Kiddo help me get the computer set up load antivirus software and all his educational software. We set up shortcuts for the websites he likes such as and  We also set up his own email account. The email for now is for grandparents, aunt, and uncles so he can practice his typing skills and it is a great way to begin practicing letter writing so to speak.

We are within a month of being finished with Latin, Math and Story of the World 3, I will be ordering new curriculum in March. I know  we started school in July but it seems like this year has flown by curriculum wise.

Have a good weekend, we will be planning our garden and starting plans for building built in bookcases in dining room(jumping for joy). 

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