Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Review–Week 4




weekly review graphic 2


This has been a tough week.  Kiddo is not cooperating and is taking forever to get his work done.  We have been starting school around 8:30 and not finishing for the day until after 4:00.  What we are doing in no way should be taking that long to do.  He is all over the place, not wanting to do his work, being intentionally slow, day dreaming, talking about anything but the subject at hand, etc.

Thursday we had a reading day. I needed a little break to see how to address this issue.  He read Horrible Science, Thomas Edison, library books, the next chapter in his science book and other misc. Star Wars books.  It was a good day of reading and taking a break. 

I got in a new coloring book to go with Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy. I think I am more excited about it than he is. I want to color too. I was less than $7.00 from, it is for ages 9 –12.


Friday, we had a contest. Dad was coming home for lunch so we tried to see if he could finish spelling before he got home.  That worked great, we were finished with spelling in less than 15 minutes instead of the 45 to 60 it had been taking. Hmm, maybe I should make everything a contest.

Kiddo has also been busy with his ice skating lessons and bowling league. We are looking at options for activities for the fall, I think he has decided on bowling again vs. ice skating lessons.  This fall both classes are at the same time, bummer. We took a summer break from Taekwondo because he was just not liking the new group that took over the school. We plan on finding another school with hopefully weapons training, which is what he is wanting to learn.  He is waiting until he is 9 when he can join a fencing group here.


I am joining the local and large homeschool group here, they seem to be more organized now and are offering more. I am hoping we find some great field trips and activities with other homeschoolers. Do you find it hard to find other homeschoolers locally?  Everyone is nice but they seem to fit into one or two specific categories and we are not either one. It has been hard to find a group we are compatible with.

With our first month of the new homeschool year in, we are working on a few issues and learning lots.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The coloring book looks great! I like to color too. :) Have you started the Apologia book yet? I was thinking about using it for my boys (11, 9, 6) this year but read it was really better for older ones. What do you think?
    PS Some days take us forever too...

  2. Looks like a great year in the making (they all have their bad days). Fencing sounds fun!

  3. I can't even find a single other homeschooler in my area, let alone a group. And believe me, I have spent hours searching and I even asked the librarian. It is quite disappointing.