Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weekly Review 6 & 7



weekly review graphic 2


I am behind on this blog, I know.  I am still having some medical issues, more doctors appointments etc.,  I did finally get a diagnosis and medicine to fix my problem so hopeful in a few weeks I will be feeling much better. 

As far as school has gone we have done the basics math, grammar, spelling, reading every day and split up history, science and Latin on alternate days.  We are behind where I wanted us to be but we are making progress so that is o.k.

He finished his Thomas Edison book, and chose Ben Franklin for his next autobiography.  We have made a few library trips the past couple of weeks and loaded up on books. He gets to pick his books and he has picked everything from dogs, nfl, earthquakes, robots, machines, plants and the American Revolution. 

We have been watching Liberty Kids on Netflix he is enjoying the series and is very interested in the American Revolution.  I can’t wait to really start studying it with him.  Not school related but also he has discovered Dr. Who and the sci-fi lover in me is tickled pink.

I am proud of this picture he colored for his Great Grandma.  He hates coloring with a passion, drawing is great coloring not so much.  It is the first page he has ever completed it took him a week but he wanted to color it for her and he did. 


Next week my lesson plans will be a little different. I did this last year and he really liked it so I am planning it for next week.  We do a weeks worth of lessons in one day per subject.  He thought it was so fun and it changed up the routine a bit which is always good.  So next week we will spend a day on each language arts, history, math, science, and Bible/Latin. 


Have a good weekend!

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  1. I love your son's coloring page! You can never tell that the child who did it does not even like to color! :-) I bet his great-grandma will be so happy to receive it!

    We live outside of Philadelphia. If you are ever in the area, let me know. I would make a great tour guide (was an American History teacher) and can show your son lots of fun sites regarding Ben Franklin. :-)

    Many blessings,