Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are finished!

Can you see me doing a happy dance?! (I certainly hope not)  We finished our “school year” today.  We are technically year round but we have finished our curriculum and taking a month off before starting again.  Did I mention how happy I am, one we finished most of the curriculum and two we are taking a break.
We have been working really hard the past two weeks to get finished by today. I had told Kiddo if he got all his work done by today, I would get him the new LEGO Pirates Wii game.  He had a list of what had to be finished and a goal.  He did really well working toward finishing.  Not sure if that was bribery or incentive but he enjoyed working toward a goal where he could see the finish line and wanted the prize.
This year we completed:
Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Exploring Creation with Zoology
Horizons for Penmanship
Drawing Program
Story of the World 2 with activity book
First Language Lessons (did a lot of skipping)
Reading – Every year I say I am going to keep a list of all the books he reads but I never keep it up. (a goal for next year) He reads everyday and reads every night at bed time with Dad.  I know he reread  Magic Tree House books, he read a few Magic School Bus Chapter books, he finished the Percy Jackson series and is on Book 3 in the Harry Potter series.  He has read every Horrible Science book he has(about 20, I think) and then there is the books we gets every two weeks at the library.  There are a lot of books, I am so happy he likes to read like we do.
What we are working on and will pick up with in July.
Math – We started with Singapore 2A and 2B. The workbooks got very frustrating for him and it was becoming a struggle.  We switched to Teaching Textbooks 3 in February.  He has finished 2 of the 4 cds and it is going great. We will continue to use TT and Singapore together next year. 
Grammar -  I purchased Easy Grammar 3 for next year and to be sure he would be ready for it I also purchased Easy Grammar 2 Student workbook in March for him to do.  He is on lesson 61 of 180.  Easy grammar has been great it is quick and easy while teaching at the same time. 

A side note:  After we finished our lapbook in Zoology today, I told Kiddo he could do whatever he wanted for the afternoon he played for 2 hours and then asked to start the new typing software I bought for next year. He worked with it for about an hour. He mentioned something about reading his Human Anatomy book tomorrow. And at bedtime there was something about lots of school work to do.  Doesn’t he know Mom needs a break, but you have to love, the love of learning he has. 



  1. YEAH! I bet it feels great to have completed things! (I almost never complete things)

  2. congrats on a successful year. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the wordly wise book as you guys get into it.