Thursday, May 5, 2011

Curriculum is Here – Mom has homework.



I finally got all of our curriculum in for next year.  Technically we are year round now but for the official beginning of the new year in July, the books are here.  I have to return one set of books(piano) but other than that I am ready to start my homework. It looks like this year I will have a good bit of prep work to do beyond lesson planning.

Here is what I have chosen for our curriculum this year. 


Drawing – The Draw and Write will go along with STOW 3 and he is super excited about the Star Wars Drawing book.  He may have it mastered before July.

I downloaded a free drawing program for him this year, thinking he would not like it. He loved it. I was so surprised since he hates coloring but he loves to draw with a pencil.


Spelling and Vocabulary – Wordly Wise and Sequential Spelling.  We have been going through Words are Wonderful this year and will keep it up.


Grammar and Handwriting – Easy Grammar and A Reason for Handwriting. He can ‘t wait for cursive writing.


Latin, Piano, and Typing -  Prima Latina, Typing Instructor and John W. Schaum.  I know the photo shows Piano Adventures, even though it had been highly recommended I was not happy with the books.  To me they looked too difficult for a beginner. I did not like the lay out of the books.  I am returning them and purchasing the John W Schaum books, it is what I learned with and I feel more comfortable with it.


Extras – Map Skills for Today and Logic Countdown.  He loved the previous map skills workbook he did and he flew through the last logic book.  This logic book looks more difficult and I believe will give him a challenge.



Math – We will finish Teaching Textbooks 3 and continue to use Singapore level 2 for extra practice.  He is half way through TT3 and I plan on ordering TT4.


Science – Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. I will have to go through the list of supplies needed for this book, in Chapter 4 you need a tooth!


History – Story of the World 3 with activity book. 


Bible – Telling God’s Story.  I will be reading these books completely before we begin them but I think this will be a good fit for Kiddo.


There is all my books for the new school year.  Lesson planning should be interesting this year. I have a good bit of planning, reading, researching and scheduling to do for this curriculum. Mom has homework!


  1. Will you share the free drawing curriculum you found? My daughter also dislikes drawing and I have been searching for something that will pique her interest!

  2. Hi Jessica, if I can find the link to it, I will post it. I printed it last fall from an old computer and don't have the link saved. I want to say it was a freebie that did but I am not sure.