Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Break

We are officially on our Christmas break.  Although I plan on doing some reading, a little Astronomy and some math.  We are almost finished with astronomy so I would like to finish it so we can pick back up with botany for spring.  I have learned taking a long break from math is not a good idea, it seems to set him 2 steps back. 

We will be doing crafts, baking and enjoying the season.  We have already started on a few crafts which he has had a great time working on.  Such as the faux fireplace we built, he distressed wood and helped Dad cut the wood.  For instructions on the fireplace click here.
fake fireplace

We made a Noel sign, which he does not like he thinks the letters are out of order.
We have started on his gingerbread house, he loves decorating one every year.
He signed his own name to our Christmas cards this year.  I started out getting him to write Merry Christmas and his name but you would have thought I was being cruel.  He does not like to write but signing his name he was o.k. with.  

I am looking forward to the break and the holidays. 


  1. Signing the name to the Christmas cards is what we're doing here too. Much more than that is met with complaints. The gingerbread house kit looks like fun!

  2. Hi there, I found your blog on the Homeschool Hop! I love the fire place! Enjoy your break and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Have a great break! Stopping by from the Hop!