Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekly Review

It has been a fast week, we have been busy getting ready for LittleBit's first TaeKwonDo tournament, trying to finish up school work for the 1st grade, and working on the garden.

I told LittleBit once he finished his work in history and math that he would be finished with 1st grade and be ready for 2nd grade in July(when I officially register him). I was giving him options for his end of the 1st grade treat and he chose to go to the Adventure Science Center for a day. I was surprised, he picked this over Chuck E Cheese, Legos, or the bounce factory. He is a man on a mission now, he is trying very hard to finish his math book. He is asking to do extra math before bed, pulling the workbook by himself to work on it, this is a complete opposite from his usual behavior when it comes to math worksheet time!

He is also practicing chess, he is determined to beat Dad at a game. He is playing Learn Chess on his nintendo, reading the instruction booklet that came with his chess set and setting up the board during the day to work out scenarios.

Watering his vegetable seedlings

Science experiment with Dad

Collecting dandelions for a botany experiment

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