Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Review

This week I realized we are almost finished. We have about 2 weeks of work left to do and then we will be moving forward. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. Although, there are days I do wonder, will this day ever end or exactly why was it we wanted to homeschool. It is worth every minute.

I wanted to give a status of the curriculum we are using this year, talk about summer plans and give a review of Botany.

Handwriting without Tears - it caused tears. We have been doing copy work instead.
My First Language Lessons - it is a two year program and we will use it next year
Spelling Workout - will continue to use lightly and for copy work
Story of the World - 10 chapters left to read
Singapore Math - completed 1A and intensive workbook for 1A, 2 sections of 1B left to complete
Lifepac Bible - Finished
Magic School Bus Experiments - we have done many experiments with plenty left to do
Reading - We read everyday

We should be finished with the current curriculum in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Since we have decided to switch to all year round school, I will begin purchasing our next books. I am planning on a lite program through June.

We will continue with botany, copy work, some math, experiments and reading from May through the end of June. Along with his vegetable garden, bug club, animal encounters, and other summer activities we will be busy. I feel a year round schedule will work better for us and allow more break times for spring and fall, when the weather is nicer.

Exploring Creation with Botany Review
I am going to mention botany once again, I realize I have talked about it a good deal but I do really like the program. There are 13 lessons in the textbook and I thought we would do a chapter a week and be done in 13 weeks; boy was I wrong. We are only able to read 1 or 2 pages at a time. There is a great deal of Latin root words and terminology, difficult concepts and projects to do. This is an in-depth immersion curriculum, it is written in a easy to understand format for children without "dumbing down" the terminology or concepts.
Both LittleBit and I are enjoying and learning so we will go slow in order to completely grasp and understand the lessons taught. I don't usually purchase companion books with the curriculum, but I did purchase the Botany notebook/journal. It was worth the $16.99 price tag. LittleBit loves finding new things to add to his journal. He is always bringing in a weed, leaf, or flower, asking to borrow the camera to take pictures etc. It uses the outdoors and household items to create fun projects to explain and reinforce concepts in the book.

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