Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School Outside - Sidewalk Chalk Math

Spring has finally made an appearance here and we have been spending time outdoors enjoying the sunny weather. We have taken a few days from school just to play, a wonderful thing about homeschooling. Since we school through the summer, it is nice to be able to take time off for perfect outdoor weather.

Another great thing about homeschool is school outside! We have been doing math on the sidewalk with chalk, science and botany are easy to do outdoors, reading outside is always good.

We are working on our little garden, I will have pictures of our seedling pots we made up soon.

A proud moment for me, as we were making our seedling pots and I was putting them in a box, I asked LittleBit to count them for me. He started counting by 1s and then he switched and began counting by grouping. I was so happy to see all the math we are doing has been learned and applied to a real world application. Yea for Singapore math!

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