Saturday, March 27, 2010

Molly the Owl and Counting to 1 Billion

We have the best time watching Molly the Owl on live stream with her eggs and now babies. You can watch Molly and the babies here:

Who says video games are just for fun or keep our children from learning. LittleBit has made it to over 1 billion points on LEGO Star Wars(Wii) and has learned to count to billions place because of it. Also, he has used his points to purchase a multiplier, he now get x384 multiplier for each stud he collects in the game. This has lead to a talk about multiplication and a basic lesson on how to multiple 2 numbers. He has the best time making up problems for me and Dad to do, thank goodness I remember my tables. He can not wait to learn how to multiply.

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