Sunday, July 13, 2014

5th Grade and New Lesson Planners

I can't believe we are about to start 5th grade!  It seems impossible but here we go :)   This year I made myself a new planner and I made Kiddo a planner because he wanted one and I think it will be a great way for him to help manage his time and be more productive.

Kiddo's Game Plan Planner 

For his planner he picked Minecraft for his colors (black and lime green) with stickers for everything he likes Doctor Who, Marvel, Hot Wheels, DC Comics and LEGO.

I used an ARC disc planner from Staples. I love the arc disc system you can make planners or notebooks from anything and you can easily add any type or size of paper or accessories.

His cover page I used minecraft paper. 

He has post it notes for marking pages and books plus it is Doctor Who. There is a zip pocket for stickers, pens etc. 

His lesson plans are from Donna Young free printables and here I will put his whole week of lessons. I am going to let him decide when he does what, as long as everything is complete by the end of the week. We will see how that goes. 

I printed him some fun paper for hand writing and writing composition. He hates writing with a passion and I am hoping that fun paper will make it a little less difficult. 

At the back of his planner is a game plan or cheat sheets. If he needs to reference them he has a multiplication table, fractions, geometry, coins, clocks, grammar, cursive etc pages for reference.  I laminated the pages before I punched and loaded them into the planner.  

He is pretty excited about his planner and  will have fun decorating it with stickers and washi tape.  I hope it will help the day to day task go easier and he starts more independent learning.

My Lesson Planner 

I also made me a new lesson planner this year, I had been using a 3" binder and it was so huge that is was difficult to use.  I decided on pink ARC planner.  Since I will be using it everyday might as well make it pretty:)

My pink planner with 1.5" pink arc disc. 

My dashboard with plenty of post it and pens 

Next I have our attendance page and yearly calendar

Since you can punch anything with the arc system, project life cards are great for extra note space or to make quick library list, shopping list, etc.  

These are my lesson pages, I made them myself with Excel. 

After the lesson pages I have all the misc. paper work course study, field trip list, reading list, extra note paper.  I also have several pocket folders in the very back for paper work, teacher verification letter etc.  I like this planner is grab and go. I can take it with us if I need to and have everything I need. 

The planners are made and first week lesson plans are done. It will be a light week with reading and review work just to get back into swing of a schedule.


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