Monday, September 2, 2013

Owl Pellet Dissection–Apologia Zoology



We finished chapter 7 in Zoology 3 last week and for an experiment we dissected owl pellets.  Why I thought this is a good idea is beyond me, in high school biology I made a deal with my lab partner I would do all his work if he did all the dissections, it was a great dealSmile  Since Dad was home for Labor Day it seemed like a great time to dissect owl pellets. Everyone got to participate.  It was very interesting and a great learning experiment. We found so many bones such as 6 vole skulls, 2 larger and 4 small ones.  We were able to piece together a entire skeleton.

I ordered the supplies from Home Science Tools I spent less than 20.00 for a kit, gloves and extra pellets. The ordered arrived within a week.





Large owl pellet, Kiddo was not sure about touching it but once we started finding bones he had fun.


Found a large skull


We determined it was a vole by the orange teeth.



I think Kiddo did a great job assembling the skeleton from the picture.


I am glad we are done with the rodentia family and are moving on.

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