Thursday, May 23, 2013

Curriculum Ordered for Next Year

We are officially on break until July when we will start 4th grade. In the mean time I have been researching and reading up on what curriculum I wanted for next year. 
I have ordered our curriculum,  I have a few classic books to get that he will be reading, I would like to add to our reference library and I have a list of extras I would like to get but the big stuff is done.
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Geography – Around the World in 180 Days
                    Uncle Josh's Outline Maps
                    Geography Coloring Book
Science - Exploring Creation with Zoology 3
Language Arts - Wordly Wise 6
                         Easy Grammar 4
                         Sequential Spelling 2
                         Handwriting Skills Level D
Math - Singapore Math 4A
           Teaching Textbooks 5
Logic - Detective Science
            Beast Academy 3B
Bible - Gotta Have God Devotions for Boys
           Telling God’s Story 3 - when it comes out
Music/Art –  Piano Lessons
                  Great Composers Book 1 & CD
                   Atelier Art
Foreign Language – Live Mocha - French

He has picked a two live classes from Currclick he wants to take, one on the History of Weapons and one on Ancient Egypt along with Lego Club and Magic Tree House book club.
I want to collect the Geo puzzles to go with geography, I have a couple and I as I can find a deal on them I want the whole set. I am looking into getting a smart globe we have a older version of one and it only half works. I think it would be good to have a better working version.  I would love to collect all of the Disney Imagineering dvds, and Drive thru History dvds. I won’t even begin to list my book wish list, I have a huge homeschool wish list on amazonSmile I am always trying to add a book here or there to our library.

I am happy we are taking a break but I can not wait to get the new curriculum in.  It is like Christmas when boxes of books arrive. 
I hope everyone is enjoying spring. I will be back to blog posting in a couple of weeks as I start lesson planning and getting ready to start our new year.

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