Friday, April 19, 2013

Curriculum for 4th Grade



We have been busy here finishing up school before spring break. We have about a month left then we will take a 6 week or so break and start our new year in July. We do school year round with 2 or 3 three longer breaks throughout the year.  It works great for us, Kiddo can’t handle the heat of summer so it is a great time to get school in and then in spring and fall when the weather is cooler we take a break and enjoy the outdoors

I have been researching and researching curriculum for next year, with geography being the trouble subject this year. I just can’t find what I want so I will piece it together.  Kiddo wants to learn Japanese this year, really Japanese!  I have tried to talk to him out of it without much luck  so Japanese it is.  I am going to use LiveMocha and see how it goes. I have started a list of literature I want him to read this year, he reads so much on his own I have never really made him read certain books but this year I have started a list with his input.

Here is my curriculum list for next year I have not ordered yet so it is subject to change Smile


Bible – Telling God’s Story 3

           Gotta Have God Devotions for Boys

Science – Apologia Zoology 3

                Apologia Chemistry (when finished with Zoology, he can not wait)

Math – Teaching Textbooks 5

            Singapore Math 4A

             Beast Academy

Language Arts –  Easy Grammar 4

                           Sequential Spelling

                           Wordly Wise 6

                           Handwriting Skills D

Geography – Apologia Around the World in 180 Days

                     Geography Coloring Book

                     Horrible Geography Book Set                    

 Foreign Language – Japanese via Live Mocha

 Art – Atelier (still working on it)

Music – Piano Lessons

             Stories of the Great Composers 1

Literature – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

                   The Hobbit

                   Black Stallion

                   Little House in the Big Woods

                   Tales of 4th Grade Nothing

                   Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

                   Conqueror and Hero The Search for Alexander the Great.

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