Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekly(x2) Review


weekly review graphic 2


Sickness took over the house for a couple of weeks and we are finally getting over it.  DH and I got sick first having both parents sick at once is against house rules, but we made it then Kiddo got sick.  School the past two weeks has been a lot of reading, drawing, watching Mythbusters, How’s That Made and some math as we could get to it.  It was a kind of unschooling while everyone was sick and on medication.

We got back on a schedule and full school day this week. It took all day long to get done be we made good progress. Hopefully we will stay healthy and keep on schedule.  I hoping to make a library trip this week, more chemistry experiments and to start researching new curriculum for next year.


I hope you have a great week and stay healthy.

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