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Happy 2013 everyone!  I have been missing from the blog for a couple of months sorry about that.  It has been busy here and I have had some medical issues that have left me with little energy. I am hoping to do much better with the new year.


We finished our first semester just in time to take a break at Thanksgiving. We have had a nice long break and I am ready to get back to a school schedule. We are starting back on Jan 7th. I still need to make lesson plans but I have started looking through my planner and getting ready to get back into the swing of things.


Kiddo flew through Apologia Swimming Creatures and finished it before break.  So I bought several of Apologia’s middle school science books that were on clearance at and I am going to let him work through those and we will do some experiments from the books for the second half of the year. Here is one of the books I bought the companion cds are great and are on clearance also.

Apologia General Science Clearance book


Otherwise our curriculum will stay about the same. We will start Story of the World 4 in history and keep on moving through the rest of our curriculum.

books graphic


For New Years we were discussing our book reading goals for the year, instead of resolutions.  Kiddo decided this year he is going to read 20 books, 10 new ones and 10 he has read before (aka LEGO and Horrible Science). He will read more than that but to him 20 sounded like a huge number.  I chose 75 books, I read 62 this year so I am going to challenge myself a little.  My new Kindle Paperwhite should help with that, I love it.


Happy New Year! Look forward to posting more and reading more blogs this year.

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