Friday, May 11, 2012

Work in progress

Hi, I have not posted in a bit real life has got in the way of blogging and getting the schoolroom finished.  Ever had one of those weeks where everything breaks down, gets sick etc all at once?  It has been one of those weeks(or two).

I am still working on the schoolroom which has seriously slowed us down on getting started back on school, we have been doing reading, a little math and computer work.  I can't find anything everything is still unorganized and all over the place.  I hope to make big progress this weekend. 

We decided to do built in bookcases and to build a to size table for the room but my husband is very busy with work right now and it will be a this fall probably before we get the time to do that. I was determined to set up the room using things we have in the house without spending much money.  We have borrowed furniture for just about every room in the house to set it up.  My husband was a very good sport about moving things around trying different pieces repeatedly until I found a setup that will work.  No pictures yet, my bookcases are frightening looking at the moment:)

Although I managed not to buy any furniture I did need some storage for all the paper work, art supplies etc.  This room is the first room you see when you walk in the house and while I have no problem with it being a school room I don't want papers and supplies laying out everywhere.  Using Michael's coupons and a big sale at Old Time Pottery store I found some cute storage options. 

I got several photo boxes at Michael's on sale and with a coupon, yea!  The metal buckets are from the Old Time Pottery store and I will be painting them all the same color just as soon as I decide what color. 


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