Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Review– All Done





We finished our curriculum this week!  We will be taking a couple of weeks off for a break.  I will be moving everything into a new school area, the unused dining room and working on lesson plans.  I am thinking of trying a workbox system when we start back.  If you use a workbox system and have blogged about leave me a link in the comments, I would love to see your setup. 


We will start back in couple of weeks doing school lite as I call it, some copy work, spelling, math and lots of library trips for books.  We will start back with full curriculum in July.  While we are year around homeschoolers now we do take several breaks.


We have lots of activities planned for the next few weeks mostly through our Parks and Recreation Department and are on the wait list for boys gymnastics. He decided that is the class he wants to take. 


I will work on a post with a review of the curriculum we used this year and a list of what we are going to be using.  They are virtually the same, I was happy with most everything we used so I am just moving up to the next book.  


Have a great weekend. 

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  1. I tried the workbox system but didn't get past setting up the boxes. I never became good at filling them. I didn't like that the books and papers got folded over in there. It was the boxes not working for us. Then I saw someone on Pinterest using a dish drainer to keep the school work in and that has totally worked for us. All the books are together. I can see where we are now. We can carry it around the house and outside with us. We are getting so much more done now b/c we have it all together in one place and we know how much is left each day. Check out my school pins and you'll see the video for it. Now the boxes have extra tools we use (art stuff, flashcards, CDs, math gear, science stuff, etc.) So far it's working for us.