Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Review–Week 18



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We have been busy with school this week.  It is almost time for our winter break and I have my list of things to get finished before then. 

We started division this week!  His only question was when did he get to start algebra and geometry.  I wanted to say NEVER!  I did tell him he had to learn his multiplication tables first. 

I am surprised by how much he is liking Easy Grammar. We are working on prepositions.  I found a daily calendar journal on pinterest and he loves it.  Everyday you fill out the date, tally marks, day and draw a picture of the weather for the day.

My Pinterest Homeschool Board

This week I started working on my Disney World planning notebook and Kiddo wanted to make his own planner.  He drew a front cover and chose a graphic for the back cover. He wanted to include chapter with the maps to all the parks, a map and photo of the hotel we are staying and note paper.  After he organized it in the order he wanted we took it to Kinkos and had it bound.  Seeing how much fun he had making his own book I am going to look into getting a spiral binding machine for home. It would be a great way to begin journaling and book reports.


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