Saturday, June 4, 2011

Having workbooks spiral bound


A couple of years ago on the advice of another homeschool mom, I took my Story of the World activity book to Kinko’s to have it unbound and rebound on a spiral.  It was a brilliant idea, it makes making copies of the activity sheets so much easier and flipping through the book it, the pages stay open, etc.   I now do this to most of our workbooks.  It is a convenience that just makes things a little easier. 
I took in 4 workbooks, SOTW activity book, Telling God’s Story activity book, Easy Grammar 3(why did they not make it with tear away sheets like book 2) and Wordly Wise. My local  Kinko’s charged me $5.50 per book regardless of size.   While it is not a necessary item, it makes the day just a little easier not fighting to keep a book open or Kiddo saying it won’t stay put, I can’t write in it etc. 
I have considered purchasing a binding machine, I can see so many uses for it in both homeschool and crafts.  But honestly instead of taking hours to do them myself in 30 minutes I was in and out of Kinko’s, and time matters.  If I ever find a great deal on a machine I might get one, it would be great for book creations, drawing reports, and smaller workbooks. But for now Kinko’s works great. 




  1. That is a fantastic idea! I usually just rip ours apart and hole punch, then put into binders. My son freaks out a bit if he sees a whole workbook, but manages fine with a few pages. Love this idea though...

    Found you on the Hop.

  2. I didn't even realize this could be done. If I have a heavy workbook year, we will have to consider this. Thanks for the tip.