Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Review 2/7–2/11



My weekly review is late, I know. It has been a busy week, with headaches and no sleeping thrown in for extra fun.. 

We had a good week in homeschool.  We got back to our regular schedule and I am back to doing school after lunch.  I tried the entire month of January to get school done in the mornings but he was just not adjusting to it and I saw no reason to fight it.  Maybe I will start sneaking in a subject and here and there and see it I can slowly get him used to the idea.

This week we started Teaching Textbook in math. He is loving it is so far.  We are back studying Zoology.  We have worked on homophones and synonyms this week. We read about the War of the Roses and Joan of Arc.  I did not do any “handwriting” per say this week, I just worked in a good deal of writing into our other classwork. 

I would tell you what we will be working on this coming week but I am behind and have not done lesson plans yet.  I better get busy myself. 


  1. I'm sorry about your headache. I have had them, too. It's going to rain this week.

    it has been SO LONG since we have been on a regular schedule. I think "Erratic" has become our "regular"

    We are having our last BIG C.S.I. class tomorrow (Monday). I'm excited!

  2. Glad someone else is behind, too. How do you like Apologia Zoology? We are considering using it and I'd like some opinions.

    I'm new to your blog! Following now...


  3. How do you like Teaching Textbook...I have heard a lot about it, but never really looked into it. What are the pros/cons. My dd loves her handwriting...Handwriting Without Tears and my son loves his cursive with Queen Homeschool. Which programs do you use? New Follower from Hip Homeschool Hop! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Hi! Headed over from Hip Homeschool Hop... We use TT as well. We started in September and my son who I fought to do math last year loves it! All the best!