Saturday, October 23, 2010

Field Trip to visit the Nina, Pinta and Tennessee Aquarium


We had a great field trip this week.  We took a trip to Chattanooga, TN to see the Nina and Pinta ships plus make a stop at the Tennessee Aquarium. 
It was a sunny day and a great way to see the start of the changing of all the colors on the leaves.  I love fall, such a beautiful time. Yes, I am the crazy lady taking photos while travelling down the interstate.

The Nina and Pinta are docked at the Riverfront in Chattanooga on the Tennessee River until Nov. 2nd.  There is a paid parking lot just across the street from the ships.  Parking cost $5.00 and the tour of both ships is $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.  We spent around an hour and half there, which is about all the attention span my 6 year old can handle, even if they, “were way cool ships”.   The crew was very informative about the ships and the history.  They also showed some great knot tying skills.   I was most surprised how small the ships were and the thought of 30 to 40 men being stuck in that small space for months at a time, makes me very glad I did not live in that time.   It was well worth the trip and you can not beat living history to really understand the time period.
Since we using Story of the World for history, we have not reached this time period yet.  I just skipped ahead and we read the chapters about the Christopher Columbus. We did some map work for the voyage and the path from Spain to India, etc. 
DSC03866_edited-1 SONY DSC
The Pinta                                   The Nina

After touring the ships we went across the street to visit the Tennessee Aquarium.  It was great as always, it is expensive, $25 for adults and $15 for children, not including Imax.  They have freshwater and saltwater fish, plus they also have a butterfly area, reptiles, and birds.   You could spend hours  here easily.  We were there about 2.5 hours before kiddo got tired.  I warn you, to exit you have to go through the gift shop.  My husband is a sucker with the gift shop thing, I am sure we have never gone past one where he hasn’t bought something. We are now the proud owners of a book all about sharks. 
Here are a few pictures from the aquarium.

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  1. Oh what fun! Happy I found you through the Hop today.