Monday, August 2, 2010

Roman Pillar Sugar Cookie - FAIL


One of the activities listed in the Story of the World  history activity book  is to make a sugar cookie pillar crumbling to represent the fall of the Roman Empire.  I thought what a great activity for a Monday, school and cookies!  After reviewing why the Roman Empire fell and looking at pictures of what is left of the Coliseum today, we were ready to create and bake.

I did not make the cookie dough, I always make my own sugar cookie dough.  I thought using one of the premade rolls of dough would be easier to work with.   I was right about that, it was very easy to shape into different shapes, much like play dough.  What I didn’t realize Pillsbury cookie dough gets fluffy and spreads amazingly well.  All of LittleBit’s handiwork became one fluffy hunk of cookie.  He took it well and was more than happy to eat the cookie.  So, our activity was a fail in making cookies that actually resembled something other than a hunk of mess but it was a success we made our own ruins and they were yummy!

He made a gladiator with shield and ax, 2 pillars and lots of broken pieces of building and rock.  The sprinkles were small rocks and dust.


Our ruins



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  2. Bless your heart- I'm sure that the cookies still tasted wonderful. We tried to make homemade paper like the Ancient Chinese last year. It looked like little sheets of vomit - no lie! Oh, well...Such is the life of a homeschool mom!!!

    Thanks for joining the Hip Homeschool Hop today.

    The Homeschool Chick

  3. Yikes! We're supposed to do this activity tomorrow, and I was going to cheat and use a premade roll, too!! ;)