Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photo Rails Project

I did a little project today for the hallway that leads to the office/schoolroom. I made clip art rails for photos, drawings, copy work, etc. You know all the cool things you want to hang up or display. It was a super simple project and cost under $5.00 to make. I used a 1x2x96 piece of wood, a package of clothes pins, white paint, and some scrapbook paper with my cricut. The wood was about $3.00 and the pkg. of clothes pins were $1.00 at the dollar store. I already had white paint and plenty of scrapbook supplies. I got the idea and directions from

Love the knock off wood blog, there are so many good ideas, I have tons of projects on my to do list.

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  1. great idea, I would love to do a wall with 52 pics on it (each week)